Is ByME free?

Yup! You can dib offers and redeem them just like in ByME V3. We have added the ability to buy it on ByME which is highly recommended but not required.  If you buy something on ByME it's just like if you ordered a taxi, pizza or shoes. 


How do you make money?

We take a small percentage fee on orders done in ByME. Depending on your level, the % fee can be lowered all the way to FREE.


How do I level up?

We have achievements that you must complete before leveling up. Complete all the achievements for each level to lower your fee!


Do you save my banking info?

Nope. We use our payment processor Synapse Pay to securely connect your bank account. 


Is ByME secure?

We use SSL, touch ID and location data all together to make ByME as secure as possible. We built ByME with the need for something with more safe guards than credit cards.


Why use ACH transfers?

ACH transfers cut out the credit card companies and lets us pass on the savings to merchants.  With our security we believe that ACH is the future of payments and bringing a win win for both consumers and merchants. 


Can I be demoted?

If you are found to be cheating, otherwise you will not be demoted.