ByME - Mobile payments app that started at the University of Minnesota expanding to the Twin Cities



Jan 16, 2018


MINNEAPOLIS, -- ByME, a local app company, founded at the University of Minnesota, has re-launched a new version that accepts mobile payments.  Twin Cities business owners are welcoming ByME into their stores and sharing with customers for mobile order ahead, skipping lines and transacting money with ByME.


ByME - Experience the VIP way to buy. 

Buy Better, Sell Better. 


ByME provides users with deals from their favorite stores, movie pre-screenings and a way for businesses to have their own app.  Money is transacted from customers to businesses via ACH payments.  Businesses avoid credit card fees while customers reap the rewards with exclusive deals and discounts.

From $2 Spam Musubi from the Cove, $2 Cafe Miel from Bordertown Coffee, $1 Drinks from Sencha, $5 Sushi Roll from One Two Three or a $5 Calzone from DP Dough the deals and discovery on ByME is growing fast right from the heart of Dinkytown where ByME first got started. Other popular locations: Potter's Pasties, Purple Onion, Burrigato, My Huong Kitchen.

With it's humble beginnings from a small apartment in Dinkytown, ByME now has begun expanding across the Twin Cities. With more stores joining ByME looks to help small businesses accept mobile payments similar to the way the Starbuck app works. 

One ByME user, was able to pick up their order before a red light turned back to green.  *ByME does NOT recommend leaving your vehicle at a light to pick up an order. 

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