The mobile dimension = time + space.

Hi. You've made it. You understand mobile enough and realize it's importance. Lets give you talking points on why mobile is so important.  

1. Mobile is Marvelous.

Imagine a world in which you can contact your customers anytime you want. Imagine a device that lets you influence and pull AND push customer actions. Just a few years ago this was impossible.  Now it's marvelous, I mean, mobile. 

Mobile provides you, the savvy business person that you are, with a new voice. As with any form of communication you need to know HOW and WHEN to use your "voice".  With mobile technologies like apps, social media and video, you can make many forms of messaging... but if you're not thinking about your strategy then you might as well yell into the noisy winds of all the other "mobile" messages out there.

2. Mobile TIME.

Okay so we established that mobile is important. Great, but HOW do you leverage this communication channel?  The answer, "when" AKA time. Mobile technologies let you connect to your customers on their device that they have with them at all times. WHEN you connect to them is the magic formula to smarter more powerful connections. 


To the same effect of advertising breakfast food during dinner doesn't make sense (besides McDonalds) you'll want to find a system that lets you target who sees your messaging and when they see it.  


A great example is showing new customers a special offer, but NOT showing that same offer to previous customers.  Or showing a customer a time-based offer that is limited in time calls for faster action on the customers part and can increase redemption rates while easing YOUR time by restricting it to a specific window of time. 


3. Leverage SPACE, aka LOCATION.  

Time and space. Bet you never knew we'd be going all science on you! Well it's not rocket science, just mobile "science".  So you have the first part, time, and now the second part, which is location.  You don't necessarily know where your customers are at a given time but you can trigger location based things with mobile.  This helps narrow down where your customer is at a certain TIME.  

Example; John loves to get his favorite coffee at the corner shop every morning at 7:00am. He passes by YOUR store that sells muffins. As the owner, you see John walk by every day but he never seems to drop by for a muffin, rather he continues his normal routine and sticks with coffee shop. 

How do we get John to see the muffin shop?

  • Yester-year: put a sign in the front of the store. Hope he sees it. 
  • Today with mobile: Sign up for a mobile app, get exclusive offers/deals. Remind him over TIME to check it out. 
  • Today with Mobile + Location Based Triggers: When John walks by let him be alerted about the great muffins that you sell.  Incentivize John to try it out with an offer.  Remind him when he's NOT at the store so that the next time he walks by he has your muffin shop as a TOP OF MIND thing


4. Mobile will be your MAIN point of sale.

The year is 2018. Everyone and their Mom has a smartphone. People pay with their phones and can even send funny pics to one another at anytime, anywhere. The smartphone era has changed from telecommunications to having everything on it from payments to games. 

Smartphones are actually MORE SECURE than older technologies.  How about CC skimmers or fake checks (check are old fashioned ways to slow down lines and irritate people)? They're gone now. 

Customers want security and what better way than using the device that you have with you at all times.  

Please your customers by providing them with an avenue to connect to you with mobile. In this day and age if you don't have a website you're BEHIND THE BALL. Get ahead of the game now and adopt Mobile into your business.


Who cares? We do.

At ByME, we are super passionate about mobile and love to talk about it. This is why we built a mobile payment platform that provides business with TIME, LOCATION, Point of Sale in a MARVELOUS package.  We understand the importance of the mobile equation and are even a little ahead of the curve with our technology.  

Whether you use ByME or other mobile platforms, you'll want to be sure to check that it address the key points; TIME, LOCATION and payments. 

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